I wanted to add something to the top of all of my posts about birth because it is such a personal topic for so many.

The most important thing I want to express is that I’m never here to pass judgement.  I’ve seen birth in many different settings, with many different caregivers and have formed opinions about what I think is the best way to do things.

That doesn’t mean it’s the best way for YOU to do things.

We can still be friends and I will always love and support you if you opt for a c-section.

Same for an epidural.

Even for an unassisted childbirth.

I want to see women educating themselves when it comes to birth.  I want them to shop for a competent caregiver that has the same values they do.  I want them to ask questions and insist on informed consent.  I want them to seek the best care possible and not just go with “whatever.”  I want women to understand that they have options and to know what those options are.

Because birth is a big deal.

So no, if I write about homebirth I’m not judging you for having your baby in the hospital.  And if I write about how to manage un-medicated labor I’m not judging you for having an epidural.

Your circumstances are so unique to you.

Please don’t judge my efforts to help educate you and other women on what I’ve learned, seen and experienced.  My goals are to help, to educate, and ultimately elevate the standards of birth in our country.  If we as consumers push for better care, it will happen!


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