f7b4235bc1cc72a28584a5b6bab44554I’ve just started to really catch on to a habit I’ve formed.  I’m honestly not completely sure when it started, I know I’ve mentioned it before on here, but today’s “woman” doesn’t really intimidate me.   It’s the pioneer woman that does. (When I say pioneer woman I’m not talking about that sweet woman with the awesome blog with recipes and photo tips, I mean Great Great Great Grandma that crossed the plains)  Instead of the traditional “keeping up with the Jone’s” I find myself wondering how the pioneer woman would spend her time, how she would fix this problem, and what a better job she probably did raising her kids.  Her kids couldn’t watch too much TV.  She wasn’t ever distracted by Pinterest.  She couldn’t escape to an indoor shower with hot water when she needed a break.  She nursed her babies, and had them all naturally.  She had no bouncy chair to hold her babies, and no Tylenol for fevers at night.  She cooked all of her meals homemade, darned socks instead of buying new ones and probably got up at dawn and slept at dusk.  I’m guessing exercising wasn’t much of an issue-hauling water, heating water and washing dishes alone sounds like some serious cardio to me!  She didn’t have a memory foam mattress, air-conditioning or straightener…  She intimidates me.  She’s what I ultimately want to measure myself against.  She’s who I think about at night when I wonder if I’m doing a good job…

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