I can’t wait to post this full shoot.  I thought it would be really fun to post some of the outtakes.  many of them are test shots that aren’t fully up to par BUT are quite funny at telling this story:
Meet Trevor and Jodi.

They are not getting married.  In fact, they met for the first time minutes before we did this shoot.  Normally in the past I’ve used actual couples but I just couldn’t get over how much I loved Trevor’s hair and Jodi in this dress.  They’re both beautiful people and excellent models.

I love so much that my daughter is in the corner of this shot.  She wanted to help so much with the entire shoot.

We’re probably talking lenses or lighting.  Trevor is a photog (see his work here) and Jodi is also interested in photography…we had much to discuss.

I love that she is constantly brushing his had away.

Like this?

Maybe if I?  Face?

Head…on top of the head.

They fought a lot.  At one point they were trying to outdo each other on who could hold a cactus better.  It made for good pictures having competitive models.

Seriously-I couldn’t have picked better.  I’m amazed at how the final images turned out, and so grateful for their willingness to pose for me!  Want to see more?  Come check out my booth at the Southern Utah Wedding Showcase!!  I’ll be doing some giveaways, meeting & greeting and standing next to huge prints of these cute people.  See you Saturday!

That hair.

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