We accepted this challenge on our last trip to IF.


It’s a rare occasion that I get to see friends while we’re up visiting.  We have so much family to see and spend time with that taking time to see friends just doesn’t happen!!  This time we tried to stay up long enough to make seeing everyone happen.  It was so fun!!  This is the same snow shack I worked at in high school with these very same boys showing up for free snow cones every chance they got!  I loved meeting their wives and laughing all night!!


Grandpas really were the highlight of the trip for them!

This is the view from my parents back yard.  It’s lovely.  This pasture usually has horses in it but they were off in the mountains.  My girls loved the giant backyard to romp around in!

You don’t know how much you miss this until it’s gone.  We have Del Taco here in StG but it’s just not the same…

The weather change was REFRESHING.  Every year we make it to Idaho in July I rejoice.


My Dad was so excited to take them fishing and they were so excited to go!!  Really an activity that involved smothering Grandpa (any Grandpa) was their favorite.

We caught 3 fish.  We had a herd of boys show up each time, soooo excited to see what we’d caught!!  They were so cute.  By the end they had joined us at our spot.

We got to see them stock the pond!!  I’ve never seen that before and it’s quite a sight!


Uncle Freedom.  Once again another boy to smother.

I don’t know what he said but…

This sweet puppy has an odd disorder where her head is too small for her body…they’re working on it.

Iconic Smitty’s.

Do you see it???

Also another amazing summer job I had.  I miss.  Heise was probably my favorite pool I ever worked.

Mama & Papa Benson.

Real life.

Insta life.

The parade up there is a BIG DEAL.  Everyone goes.  Everyone.

Love this of him and his Dad.  I know exactly what he will look like when he’s older.

She has had more fun and watermelon than she can even understand.

Blowing things up.  My Dad bought “the girliest fireworks they had.”  Like we need girlie…


Seriously, I got to see friends.  So blessed by this woman in my life.

Smother smother.

And this woman.  Not only did I get to see her but her parents and their new house.  And we ate Cafe Rio.  It was pretty awesome.

They put potatoes in their chocolate milk because they know what they’re doing.  Try it-you will not be disappointed!!!

And some Grandma snuggles.

Overall it was an amazing trip.  We miss Idaho.

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