Sometimes in life you are blessed with incredible friends.
We are.
Jon met Curtis when he was 4 and they have been best friends ever since.  Curtis’ parents refer to Jon as their own.  Not only did Jon get a best friend out of the deal but an amazing little brother as well.  Bob.
To top that off these boys married amazing women.  Women I love so much.
We all have too much fun when we’re together.  This time they brought the boat.  We baked in the summer sun, dyed animals pink and ate way too much good food.  It was a most favorite and memorable weekend.
My heart is so full.
Almost all of these pictures are taken by the amazing Lyndi.  I just had way too much fun slapping light leaks on all of them.  I think I’m going through a phase…  My © is on all of them simply because they’re up on my blog.  I can’t take credit for all of these ♥




Pretty much the hottest flag girl you’ve ever seen.


And she can wakeboard.





Family Pics 2014 Done!




We almost died.  Like 4 times.  These tubes are not made for 3 adult women.


Making Dinner.


Did I mention we dyed a sweet poodle’s mohawk?  That happened.









I got up!!!




And so did my 4 year old.


Brothers from another mother.  Can you totally see it?




I miss.

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