Last year about this time I decided that my girls needed one of these cute furry vests that everyone has been selling.  I immediately decided also that I wouldn’t be spending the $20+ that they cost and I spent $5 buying furry fabric instead.  It quickly ended up in the sewing cupboard and here we are a year later finally doing something with it!
Yay me.
Anyway, this vest is super easy to make, takes a good half an hour or less AND will be the talk of the kindergarten (nothing is cooler than dressing like a furry kitty cat).  I have single-handedly propelled Paisley into the higher social circles of the cool kids that wear furry clothes.
And seriously, we live in the desert.  We rarely need warm clothes so this little hint of extra warmth is perfect.
Supplies:  Furry Fabric, maybe a 1/4 yard, scrap fabric or a cotton for lining, ribbon/lace for the tie and a t-shirt that fits a little big.

Mmmmm…furry fabric.

I like to do things like this on the fold so that everything is equal on both sides.  Fold your cotton in half and cut out (using the existing t-shirt to measure) the back panel.  Be sure to leave at least a 1/2″ extra all around.  We can always go smaller but never bigger!!

I used the back panel to cut out the front 2 and then cut down the middle.  I then V-ed the top so it was more vesty shaped.

Layout your cotton pieces on your fur and cut the same.

Pin the top shoulder seams and the side seams, pretty sides together for both the furry vest and the cotton.

Sew them together.  This is also a good time to put this on your kid and see if it fits.  If it’s too big you can take in seams here-just be sure to do the same to both.

Cut your lace/ribbons into 2 equal parts.

Pin them to where you want them to be on the pretty side of your vest.

Then pin your cotton vest to your furry vest, pretty sides together.  Pin the entire collar/front portion and all the way around the bottom.
Sew them together.  Once again, before you turn it you can have your child try this onto see if it fits.  I was sure to run over where the ties are a few times too to help prevent them from being pulled out.

Clip your corners.

I like nice pointy corners when I turn something out.

Pull your fur over the cotton.  Because of the ragged nature of the fur it’s really easy to hide a zigzag stitch so I didn’t bother to turn the raw edge over (I could so quickly deem myself “THE lazy seamstress”)  Zigzag your armholes.

Done!!  Furry vest complete!

She very much approved.

And had a blast wearing it to school the next day!  I’m so in love with hello apparel lately and I found these cute leggings at WALMART!!  $5!!

Go make a super easy vest.  Your cool kid will thank you.

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