I\’m so excited about this.  I\’ve been wanting a case that shows off my white phone for awhile and I just couldn’t find anything I wanted.  FINALLY I came across this beauty and wanted it so bad…but not $40 bad.  If you can’t tell by my blog-I\’m a little in love with bright colors and watercolor lately and so I just NEEDED to do something about it.

I found thiswidth=1 clear case and rummaged for the rest of the supplies I used.  It seems through the years I\’ve acquired a small collection of acrylic paintswidth=1 and brushes, making this project all too easy!  I also happened to have Polyurethane Spraywidth=1, which really helped finish things off.


I started by getting out my favorite colors and mapping out how they would mix.  I wanted a rainbow, but not too much.


Since this is acrylic paint and not watercolor I had to add water to get the drippy look I was going for.  I put paint on the inside of the case, got my brush wet, added the water and then held the case up to get the drips.  Because the paint is on the inside I\’m hoping it will be protected in the long run against wear and tear.


I can’t pretend like I nailed this on the first try.  I did actually go over and wash off the whole thing and start over at one point because I had just used TOO much paint and it was starting to turn brown!  A little goes a long ways with a small project like this and I struggle with that concept when it comes to paint!  After adding the water and letting it dry all drippy I added a little more color because I wanted to be sure it ended up opaque.


After it dried I sprayed it with a polyurethane coat to seal the deal.  I\’m still not sure that it won’t come off a bit BUT I have much higher hopes of it lasting with a coat of this on top.

IMG_9321 IMG_9314

I\’m so in love.  Isn’t it pretty?  If you try this out I MUST see how it turns out!  Happy crafting!



  1. What if we do it on the top of the phone case ? I have a white case and i want to put some watercolors but i’m afraid it might ruin the case.
    Thank you for the idea this looks superb

    1. I think it would quickly chip off if you did it on top…but you could always try! The clear phone case I had was only a few dollars on Amazon…

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