After living in St. George for over a decade we decided it was about time we went to the Grand Canyon.  The north rim is only 2ish hours from us and it seemed crazy that we\’d never taken the time to go see it.  So we decided to go.


Paisley of course picked out some coordinating lipstick to match her hat.  The were 100% not sure about the weird cowboy carving at the gas station in Fredonia.  It was a fun little small town gas station with all sorts of old west statues.

Caterpillars and camp braids by headlight

We camped at Jacob Lake.  There is not a lake at Jacob Lake.  It was the NICEST campground I have ever been to-and I\’ve camped quite a bit in my life.  The bathrooms were spotless and smell-free, the camp host came around twice a night to make sure we had enough firewood and most of our neighbors were quiet RVs.  It was lovely.


We had lovely weather going into the park-lots of clouds, with a little rain here and there.


Once we got to the scenic part of the canyon we began to realize what a terrible mistake we\’d made.  You see, we have too many children as a group.  Way too many to all be perched on a cliff together and it became very apparent very quickly that we had TOO many once we got there.  They all wanted to chase each other and laugh and fall off of cliffs and stuff.  It was nerve wracking.


I didn’t get to go on the outlook-a few of us safely headed up to the lodge with the smaller kids and a few went down on this one.


This is Steve’s I\’m-so-glad-we-brought-all-of-our-small-children-to-the-edge-of-a-cliff-together look.


This is a view from the safe lodge balcony.  I\’m sipping tea and not stressing about Stella falling to her death as much.  It was a beautiful minute.

IMG_4240I can absolutely recommend going to the north rim…I just can’t recommend it with small children and I really really can’t recommend it with a group where the children out-number the adults.  It was beautiful and we can’t wait to go back…alone.  And stay in the cute cabins.  That has got to happen.

Have you been to the North Rim before?  How was your experience?