1.  How is it having both kids in school?  Do you like Montessori?  Does Paisley?  How is Preschool for Stella?

It’s good.  I feel like it’s too soon to tell if we like Montessori.  I\’m actually surprised at how smooth the transition has gone so far, especially considering we have to get up at 7 AM!  I asked Paisley on her first day how school went and she told the following story:

We went to the Grand Canyon on a hike and some of us were tired so we had to ride in the car and then we ate lunch and one of the boys got bit by a snake!  A king snake!  For reals Mom!  Believe me.  And then I saw a scorpion and then we had to hike back.  And there’s a boy in my class and he’s 8 and he’s SOOOOOO cute and I sit next to him at circle time.

So yes, I think she’s enjoying Montessori.  I\’m going in tomorrow to observe a classroom…and verify how much of her story is true…and just generally see how many snake bites can be expected for the semester-you know, normal school stuff.  Miss Stell is thoroughly enjoying her time at home alone with me and follows me around all day telling me stories and eating.  It’s good to be Stella.  So far preschool has been really good and I\’m hoping this is a good decision for us-we didn’t do it with Paisley and I feel like school fully overwhelmed her, even though academically she was well prepared she had a big learning curve going into a formal classroom setting.  I have high hopes that this will help Stella make an easier transition.

2.  Soooo, the red hair.  Are you keeping it?  How long?  Is it still red?

Yeah…I don’t know.  It’s still red.  I\’m really enjoying being hit on every Sunday by the older men at church.  Three separate ones have nicknamed me Red and I will be sad to lose all of that attention.  I also love the hushed whispers everywhere I go of little girls pointing at me and overhearing them say Mom!!  Mom, it’s Ariel!!  That’s my favorite.  I\’ve had numerous children come up and touch it to see if it’s real and I love that too.  But my hair is slowly dying and with all this effort to grow it I hate to kill it at this point in the game…so we\’ll just have to see where my adventurous hair gene takes me.

Skyping with our Germans-notice the mess in the background? THAT is an upcoming story + book report. Stay tuned!

3.  Do you miss Germany?  Was it so hard coming back?  How long were you there again?

I miss Germany.  I think about it every day.  I have so much still to share and talk about from that trip.  The 2 weeks we were there were just too short-but really, could there ever be long enough?  We missed our kids terribly and it was good to come home and jump into a routine…but I miss it a lot.  I will be writing so much more soon about Germany!!

I was ready for the routine and it’s nice finally having life in the Davis household settle down a bit.  Stay tuned for more stories 🙂

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  1. Oh Paisley! I love her sooooo much. And she does sit by a boy that is sooooo cute at circle time. But as her first grade Montessori teacher, I can assure you that was the only true part of that super imaginitive story 🙂 she will make a great writer some day 🙂

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