My goal this month is to take time each week and think about what I\’m thankful for and post about it on Thursdays.  With Thursday being the day of Thanksgiving and the nice sound of the hashtag #thankfulthursdays it just works out well for me.

A few years ago I adopted the attitude that every night when you kneel down to pray you should imagine that anything you forget to thank God for that night will be gone the next day.  It’s made me really think about how blessed we are and how much I have to be thankful for.  Vocalizing and thanking my Heavenly Father for these things really helps to focus on how wonderful and blessed my life is.  Not only that I have children, but that they are healthy and happy ones.  Not only do I have a spouse, but we like each other!  Not only do we have a house-but a magical backyard full of chickens and kittens.  And that house is in a circle, full of children for my kids to roam the streets with.  And those streets are safe and our neighbors are kind.  Many nights I lay my head down, feeling undeserving of all of these wonderful blessings.  Clean water to drink, warm home to sleep in, food to feed my babies.  So many luxuries that many Mamas can’t offer their babies.

As I sit here typing, my mamaheart is so full.  Happy month of Thankfulness you guys.


  1. K- I don’t know if Morgan mentioned to you about mommy convos, but I LOVED all the posts I read! And I think you should join us! I can email you more info, just shoot me an email! 🙂

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