In all of the chaos around here I really have tried to slow down, step back and enjoy little pieces of it all.  I know this doesn’t last forever-so I\’m really trying to drink in the parts I love.  Stella is a big part of that.

I was worried about her being home alone with me for a full day.  Last year during half day kindergarten she was HARD.  She was super clingy and missed her sister and needed to be on top of me continually.  This year has been different.  She’s growing more independent and loves quietly getting into mischief whenever she can:




With that quiet independence, however, she has also been a lot of fun.  We snuggle often and I love when she comes in first thing in the morning whispering It’s morning, mama, MORNING!!

Every time she says Mama it makes my heart tingle.

I love that she’s finally speaking more.  She has so much to say about everything and every word out of her mouth is adorable.  I\’m obsessed with her lately, so much so that Jon thinks I\’ve been going too easy on her.

As I\’m writing this she has noticed it’s her on the screen:  Is that me Mama?  I make the sandwiches.  We should make sandwiches Mama!!

Did I mention our mutual love of food?  It’s how we spend our days together.

Looking into this sweet 3-year-old’s eyes makes me want more Stella’s in my life.  It erases the potty training, the tantrums and general hardships of having littler ones.

She makes me happy




My little Stella bear.