I\’m drowning today.  There are some mornings I wake up with the weight of the world on my chest.  It makes me want to stay in bed forever.  I\’m on a continual quest to find balance and I\’m thinking that this quest is the rest of my life and do I really want to continue like this??  When does it all come together??

I catch up on laundry.  This means I neglect the dishes, my blog and the children.

I work out.  I\’m not behind on laundry yet, but my bedroom is a mess, I forget to schedule a home visit and when was the last time we bathed the kids??

I pay attention to the children.  This usually creates messes, puts me behind on some design work and the bathrooms need cleaning.

I catch up on the blog.  This means I neglect the children, need to reaccess how much TV is too much and I forget to make dinner.

I should be reading scriptures.  I read.  In the meantime, children destroy house and drink ALL OF MY GRAPEFRUIT JUICE.  Only to discover they don’t like grapefruit juice that much and they don’t want it anymore…

I catch up on dishes.  The children have to spend time to help (gold star!!), but the laundry is now neglected, I\’ve never actually vaccummed…so there’s that, annnnnndddddd…

I get called on a birth.

Everything goes to crap.

Start over!!

Organize entire house!!

Plan entire laundry schedule!!

Write out meal plan!!

Read scriptures every day!!

I should really be doing yoga…

Do we throw a baby into this madness?  And the saddest part is, I feel more organized than I have in years!  And I\’m still drowning!!

Yoga…that’s got to be the key right?  More yoga?

1 thought on “FINDING BALANCE”

  1. baby: my choice => YES, your choice => ??
    Yoga: ??, more yoga: ??

    You’re doing GREAT!! Take it easy on yourself.

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