I\’ve been really lucky to have some amazing inspiration for this new year’s resolutions.  Cass Miller wrote this awesome blog post and Jewl Hinton offered this perfect list to get me started:


I\’m also pretty in love with my new planner which offers a space to write down and track progress on my resolutions!  Things are going to happen you guys!!  To follow the list:


This year I need to meditate more.  I\’ve been slowly incorporating more scripture study into my life and more earnest and heartfelt prayers and I hope to continue that.  I also really, really want to be better about making it to church on time.  It’s at one now so I really have no excuses.


Veggies time.  We’re considering doing a vegan stint for a few weeks too just to jump start things.  Nothing overly commital, but we definitely could use a jump start.  I\’ve been ruined by too much Christmas and everything upsets my tummy lately.  Eating more healthfully isn’t just a resolution-it’s not an option for me not to!

I am continually recommitting to yoga.  I want so badly for it to be a daily practice for me, but I\’m trying to work up to that. Right now I\’m working for 4x a week, hopefully transitioning to more as I get better at being reliable.

I also want to do something that really makes me sweat 3x a week.  Zumba, swimming, etc.


I\’m recommitting to my children as well.  I don’t play with them and enjoy them enough.  I\’ve started working on that and I plan to get better.

I also need to just chill out and enjoy my husband more.  He’s pretty dang cool and I really like him.


Oh you guys.  I don’t know.  We formed a full-fledged corporation between the two of us this year and I have big plans.  I hope its a good year.


This is the year guys.  This is the year we have equal says and equal investment in managing the finances.  I need help and Jon needs to be a part of the madness.  We signed up for acorns, for YNAB and formed a Family Trust just recently, and I\’m excited to share more about all of it.


Meekness and forgiveness seemed to be my continual personal goals.  I like to look at those both with new perspective as every new year starts.

As always-I have so much to learn about all of my different hobbies and loves:

  1. Photography:  I need to do more creative projects.
  2. Blogging:  I need to continue to strengthen my writing.  I\’m looking into some creative writing exercises and such.
  3. Video:  Finish something, dang it!!
  4. Birth:  Come up with a plan to continue my education and figure out what I want to do in the meantime.  I\’m also toying with putting together a childbirth education curriculum mixed with yoga/meditation…we\’ll see if this is the year that comes to fruition.


I\’m going to start using all of these reusable bags I\’ve acquired.  I also plan on getting better at recycling, and more importantly at not having so much waste in the first place.

2016 is going to be a good year.  I\’ve been feeling the winds of change for awhile now, I think this is when it all comes together.

What are your resolutions in the new year?

(special thanx to Lyndi for my pic)