I used to empty out my brain on my blog.  I don’t know why I stopped doing that-somewhere between merging my professional blog and personal blog I stopped getting as personal as I\’d like.  This year, I want to change that.

So many things have been happening in the Davis household.

Christmas was too much last year.  I ended up overly stressed, over spent and frustrated that because I didn’t enjoy Christmas as much as I needed to based on the amount of stress and money I spent on it.  1 day after if you asked my children what they got for Christmas, they couldn’t remember.  Yep.  I\’m not doing that this year!  They’re getting coal.  They\’ll remember coal.  The saddest part is that we really didn’t go that all-out.  It was fairly modest and within reason and it still was just too much.

My family albums were supposed to be done before christmas for 2015.  They still aren’t.  I feel guilt about this daily…but not enough to actually get anything done.  That’s what we give all our parents for Christmas so they’re still waiting on their presents…it’s gonna be a Valentine’s present this year I think.

I\’m loving writing for TodaysMama.  Seeing how a legitimate blog functions with multiple authors has been fascinating.  I\’m loving it.

The day before new years our heat pump died.  We moved in with the Coopers for the night (one day we will have a compound together), and they came then next morning to assess the damage.  It was indeed dead and getting a part for our off-brand commercial grade unit was going to be hard to find, wildly expensive and probably only be a bandaid.  So we need a new unit.  For AC/heat.  Like a $6000 one.  Sad Face.

Upon returning home to our cold house we discovered our internet wasn’t working.  When I went to pay the bill our debit card didn’t work.  Our internet was out in our area (our phones are wifi priority so this is extra bad) and our debit card number had been stolen so we needed to order new cards.  It was a rough new years.  Luckily, we ordered new cards, our internet came back on 3 days later and the emergency heat still works on our unit (but costs MONEY).  Bad things come in threes, right??

I had a weird falling out with a friend earlier last fall.  We never fixed it and I had a conversation with her a week ago.  She told me I was judgemental…something I pride myself on not being and I realized that I am sometimes.  I am judgemental.  I\’m still working out how I feel about that.

I\’ve been through some really formative births for me as a birth worker in the last few months.  Highs and lows of good and bad and I have a lot to say about them.  I think a birth week is coming up if I can get it all organized-there’s lots to say and pictures to go with much of it.  Stay tuned for some more of that.

I\’m proud to say we’re taking HUGE steps to revamp how we budget and I\’m super excited about it.  I\’ll be writing more about that for TodaysMama and it’s gonna be big.

2016 is going to be an interesting year.  I have big plans and I hope they all pan out.  January has already offered a lot of clarity and a renewal of routine that I needed SO badly.

The Pixies just came on my Pandora.  Where is my mind?