I signed up for the Summit Weight-loss challenge and now you guys get to be my accountability.  Yay!


I\’ve gotten chubby.  Over the holidays I said good-bye to self control and said hello to indulgence.  I tried to get it back together in January, but then there was valentines day, my birthday, my anniversary, and a million other reasons to indulge.  I\’ve been overly busy and not making exercise the priority that it needs to be.  I\’ve been drinking soda!!  Not having a gym membership hasn’t helped-I work out occasionally at home, but it’s HARD.

I was really excited when I found out The Summit Athletic Club is doing a weight-loss challenge.  For free.  I need this so bad.  So there I am, weighing in after having a last meal of my favorite chocolate cake.

MY GOALS:  I currently weigh 205 lbs on their scale.  My goal is to get down to 175-180.  I also just LOVE the way my body feels when I take better care of it and exercise.  I\’ve been sore and bloaty for the last few months and it’s not my favorite.


  • Vegetables with every meal.
  • More sleep at night.
  • Cardio every day.
  • Drink water, not calories.
  • Build Yoga/Meditation into my lifestyle.
  • No more eating at night.
  • Try some new work-outs
  • Check-in/blog about this weekly

I\’ve been at it for a day and a half now and I\’m doing great!!  lol.  I did attend my first Aqua Zumba class last night and I loved it. It was very low-impact and worked out my arms more than I anticipated it would.  I\’ve been drinking green smoothies and cutting back on any junk food (without fully eliminating everything-I don’t want to go through cold-turkey withdrawal).

The crazy thing is that I know better.  I know what I need to do to fix everything…I\’ve just been too lazy to do it.  I\’ve been teetering on the edge of doing better and I just needed this last little commitment to really make it happen.  So wish me luck!

What are your favorite ways to jump start a new program/clean-up your lifestyle?


  1. Good luck with that getting more sleep at night – we’re in the wrong line of work for that! You’ll do great though!!

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