When BabyCubby.com reached out to me about doing this post, it was a match made in heaven.  Browsing through their site I quickly realized I own and love many of the products they sell-making this very easy.  I had already been working out a post in my mind about some of my favorite baby essentials because there have been several new fun things that have come out even since I had my oldest Paisley and even since Stella was born.  We have also traveled quite a bit with Fox (more than with our other babies) and I’ve found a few gems to help with that.  And you guys-the squishy bottles!  Such a lifesaver.



Squishy breast like bottles for nursing babies that are a favorite baby essential

They’re squishy!  Like my boobies!!  So far this is the only bottle Mr Fox will take and I’m so glad we found one!!  We tried many different brands before finding this highly reviewed lifesaver!  The design is cute and fun, the bottle portion is squishy and the nipple is the perfect shape.  We love these Como Tomo bottles.

2. BAMBOOBIES Cold and Heat packs for sore breastfeeding breasts.

I really believed that I was a professional breastfeeder this time around.  It was going to be a smooth journey with no hiccups and I was sure Fox would be exactly like his sisters when it came to nursing.  I was partially correct-he is definitely as aggressive as his sisters.  But he eats so.much.more and loves to nurse often and these silky soft hot/cold packs have been a blessing.  I initially thought they would be too bulky and I was wrong-you want that full coverage because it feels oh so good.  I pop these in the microwave for a minute and stuff them in my bra and it is just the best thing ever for my sore boobs, especially in those early weeks with engorgement and tender nipples.  I’ve been impressed with every Bamboobie product that I’ve tried!!


Cute books for babies

I have been in love with BabyLit books since I discovered them.  They are so cute, durable, and they introduce you child to the classics like Moby Dick and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  This darling one is a favorite because it matches Fox’s woodsy nursery-it’s all about the National Parks.  You’ll see that classic red rock in the picture of Zion National Park!  We love them.


Cutest Banana teether

This is a new favorite since my sweet little Fox is teething.  It has quickly become a favorite topic of conversation as people ask if he’s chewing on an actual banana.  We took it to church last Sunday and everyone got a kick out of how cute it was.  I love that it’s made out of all natural materials and he loves that it’s gummy and full of textures to mouth on.  She can be a fun bath toy, a teething toy, or a decorative piece in a nursery. Win, win!


A dedicated drying rack for all of your bottles.

Having a dedicated drying rack for all of Fox’s bottles and my breast pump has been so nice.  This Boon drying rack is so fun and matches my kitchen!  Instead of small pieces falling through the rungs of my dish rack I can keep everything tucked into place. And it’s got a sweet, natural presence, like a meadow full of baby deer. Only smaller. And without the deer.


The perfect baby bed for travel

When I first saw the Dockatot I was very skeptical.  It seemed like an expensive cat bed.  I was so wrong.  We have loved our Dockatot, especially for travel!  We were lucky enough to already have a bassinet when we had Fox so we used that initially.  It wasn’t until we traveled that I decided to try our the Dockatot and I’m so glad I did!  It is perfect-it’s small and easy to take with you.  It’s lightweight and perfect for carrying.  It fits in a bed with you-so Jon and I were able to keep him right with us in his own space when we stayed in cramped places.  We slept on a sail boat when we were traveling in May and kept him right between us in bed-him in his space, us in ours.  It’s so snuggly and when he was younger he loved to be swaddled and snuggled right in.  A hot dog in a bun.


Favorite for Mom and baby bath time

This Tubby Todd travel kit is a lifesaver!  I love it because the products are safe for Fox and yummy enough for me!  The all over ointment is amazing for rough spots, diaper rash and even sunburn!  I also just love the smell of the lotion and the body wash, so dreamy.  All Tubby Todd is extra gentle and safe for sensitive skin.


Natural pacifiers binkies perfect for breastfed babies

I love these binkies.  My girls would never take a binkie and I’ve been so lucky that Fox will.  But only these binkies.  I don’t know if he just needs to be special or name-brand or that he just likes how cute these are in his mouth but he only likes the Natursutten ones.  I like that they’re made from natural rubber, so once again it’s a win-win.


Darling Swaddle Blankets

Can you have too many swaddle blankets?  Is that even possible?  Swaddles became a thing after I had Stella and they are the best!  They are not only perfect for swaddling but they come in handy as a nursing cover, burp cloth, seat cover, and all over helper in every way.  This Berry Lemonade Pack is a gift for a friend and I just think they are so pretty.  The sweet Fox swaddle I used as the background for these photos is another one of theirs and I love how soft and thick it is!



Hoping for a high chair with a small footprint and a lot of options? This space-saving chair goes from a regular chair to a sturdy toddler chair.  While I do not personally own this beauty, I have seen one in person and I am in love!  I’m a big advocate for babies having their own eating space and this high chair is fantastic for that.  I just love the gray!


BabyCubby.com offers so many fun baby things and is the perfect place to register for your baby shower or shop for a gift!  I love all of their darling pre-made bundles that help you save and make gift giving super easy.  You can see more of their baby shower bundles here.  Be sure to check them out!

What are some of your favorite baby essentials??

This is a sponsored post for BabyCubby.com.  All opinions are my own.

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