It’s almost October you guys!!  And that means it’s time for me to start planning our annual Halloween party.  Per tradition I\’m cooking up a murder mystery and in the early beginnings of figuring out who’s going to fake murder who this year.  As I\’ve been planning I have found my new favorite party trick: Paperless Post in collaboration with Anagram Interactive!

Doing invitations has been tricky every year.  I love the look and feel of actually doing paper invitations but I just don’t have the time/money/effort to make them or have them made, address them and send them out.  Actual paper invitations also don’t provide the benefits of digital ones because it’s so much easier to RSVP, have discussions and ask questions when its all digital.  Facebook is awesome for reaching everyone quickly-but not everyone regularly checks their Facebook and I\’ve even received criticism that it’s too impersonal or that people have missed invites all together in the wash of everything else on there!

Paperless Post is the classy answer to all of these problems.  They have cute card designs that have the look and feel of actual paper ones, but the benefit of being digital.  As you create invitations and send them out via email a party page is also created with the ability to ask questions, easily RSVP and send reminders via text or calendar to your guests!  This way you can easily manage your events!  I\’m so excited to be working with them for my Halloween Party this year!

Organizing a party and inviting guests is so easy!  You just select a design:



Go through and customize everything:


And then import your address book or manually add your guests email addresses and send our your invites!  Your guests receive a darling envelope in their inbox with their name and a link to open the invitation:


Clicking on the link leads them to the party information, RSVP options, answering any questions you have, and signing up to receive reminders if they would like:



I was able to add reminders like this is an adults only party and ask guests questions, and on my end I can view the answers and see who is coming!


This has all of the ease of Facebook but feels so much more personal and put together.  I just love all of the gorgeous card options and that they provide an entire event management section for me as a host.  Paperless Post is a fantastic option to consider as you’re planning parties/sending birthday cards and even for Christmas cards!

The holidays are coming!  What parties are you planning?

This is a sponsored post by Paperless Post.  All opinions are my own (and you guys, I would never write about something I don’t actually love!)