Stella is 6.  She made it.  We kept her alive to see turning 6!  It’s crazy to think that her 1 year diaversary (diabetes anniversary) is coming up in July.  I’m so proud of her for making it here-sometimes as I’m checking her at night it causes my breath to catch in my chest.  Each day we fight her body to keep her alive and each day we do and she handles it all.  Her fiery spirit and endless patience have been such a blessing through this not-fun disease.  She’s pretty amazing, my 6-year-old.

We’ve adopted letting our children chose a party or a trip for their birthday (if we can swing either) and this year she chose trip!  (We were kind of planning on going anyway, so this worked out!)  We had a quiet family party on her actual birthday and all she wanted for dinner was for us to go inside Chick’fil’a and eat! Easy Peasy!

Mermaid gear was necessary for our trip to California!

Also best thing about my kids?  They’ve adopted my love of Costco cake!

Ready to go!

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