I’m sitting here in my newly put together office with lovely cold air blowing on me and my heart is so full.  After not having air conditioning for a few weeks, I’m just reminded once again how spoiled I usually am and how much I take for granted.  There is just nothing like being comfortable after a long period of being uncomfortable to help you appreciate comfort!

Earlier in the summer I stood in my driveway as my two girls came riding in on their bikes from their friends houses across the neighborhood and I was reminded then about how blessed we are to live in a place where my girls are safe and can ride around without me worrying too much about them.

We so often take our good health for granted and even in the case of my sweet diabetic I am so grateful that we have all the supplies we need to keep her alive and well (even if they cost as much as our house!)  The technology that we so regularly enjoy makes managing her disease so.much.easier than it was even 10 years ago.  It allows me to be able to do things like send her to nature camp, swim lessons and friends houses and not worry as much if she’s ok.

I’m grateful that I’ve had this time home with my young children during their most tender years of growing up.  I’ve been so blessed and lucky to have been able to work at jobs that keep me home with them.  I tend to be more snarky and complainy about my children, but really I love them so much and I love that I’ve been here to see them grow.

Behind me my dishwasher hums and my washing machine rumbles.  Both have clean running water and both are doing a job I really don’t want to do by hand.  Because of them, I’m here writing instead of scrubbing.

At my feet sits this loving sweet schnoodle of ours.  I still can’t believe in all the craziness we were going through we decided to get a dog.  Initially I thought I was crazy and even though I don’t know if I’ll ever get through all of her training be a diabetic alert dog she has blessed our family more than I ever expected.  She is my constant loving companion, has healed Paisley after her trauma, and has become a full member of the Davis family.

And Jon.  My ever patient best friend.  The poor, sweet man who has gotten the brunt of my bad moods in the heat.  He is just the best and I love him so.  We have so much in front of us and so many things we’ve worked through behind us and I’m just glad it’s him that I’m doing this life with.  He has given up so much (sleep!  lunch!  sanity!) to keep this boat afloat.  I don’t know what any of us would really do without him.

I miss writing on this blog and it’s something I need to come back to.  I recently listened to Heaven is Here by Stephanie Neilsen and I was pulled back into those simple times when everyone kept a blog and we all journaled and shared and I miss that.  I hope I can be a regular fixture around here like I once was.

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    Mom and Dad
    July 14, 2018 at 7:56 am

    Well said. You & your family are a joy to us. Love you!

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