I’ve always wanted to have a Back-to-School Feast and with all of the craziness and sleeplessness of the last few years I just haven’t made it happen.  This year, with the example of amazing friends, I put together an evening together with our family to celebrate our children’s return to school.  I’m really trying to be more intentional about our family and what we do together.  I want to start meaningful traditions that our children can remember.  And I want to celebrate and teach them well.  Setting intentions for the school year and having goals to accomplish are the beginnings of that (I hope!).

If you’ve ever read NieNie, you know that the idea of a Back-to-School Feast is rooted in her tradition.  She has influenced countless others to start the same tradition and I love what she has to say about it here:

“Many have wondered why I put so much effort into this feast.  I do it because I believe in the power of tradition.  I believe it strengthens and binds family relationships.  I want my children to know they mean more to me than anything else in my life, and they deserve to have a fancy dinner.  I want them to know they are worth all the time and energy it took to make it just perfect for them because these children belong to me as gifts from God and by golly, they deserve it!”


This year our theme is to ‘Be Brave.’  After sending Stella to school for her first full day, this theme is as much for me as it is for our children.  Knowing that someone else will be calculating her doses of insulin and caring for her is always so stressful for me.  The same goes for Paisley-is her teacher meeting her needs?  Are the other kids being nice?  Is montessori the right choice still for my children?


We started our Back-to-School feast with a fancy table, name cards and a delicious dinner of some of our favorite foods as a family.

The first thing Stella told me when she came home is that she is never allowed to wear her dress to school again because it is too distracting.  I wish everyone could witness Stella seeing this dress for the first time in Target.  She ran to it, full speed, gently touched it and said “this is perfection.”  My rule for my children is that they have to be ok with the pile of clothes from kid-to-kid/walmart I grab BUT that they get to pick-out pretty much whatever they want for their first day.  She can be distracting at home and at church I guess!

Our feast consisted of fresh Utah peaches, veggies, homemade german pretzels and weißwurst (my favorite german sausage).  The kids have learned to spread butter on their pretzels while their still warm, and they love to dip their sausage in sweet german mustard.

After dinner we gathered in our living room and learned our scripture for this school year.  For family home evening we will be practicing this together until we all have it memorized.  This is the first time we’ve undertaken memorizing a scripture together and I have high hopes!


Probably the most important thing we did together was read this letter.  If you’ve never read it, click over to Glennon’s blog and check it out.  It teaches such an important lesson and so perfectly goes along with our theme of being brave.

We sang songs.  We prayed together.

His fingers are blurry he was playing so fast!

For dessert we made lemon bars in a pie dish!

And ended our special night playing Nightmare Before Christmas Operation.  Because that’s just how we do things in the Davis family.

I have loved seeing and hearing about others traditions for back-to-school.  What are some of yours?

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