It is about dang time the Benson’s finally made me a baby!!  I have been waiting and waiting until the day I could finally throw this shower and I could not have been more excited that Lyndi is pregnant and that very soon I will get to snuggle a baby Benson.  The Benson’s have a been a regular feature around this blog and I just love how cute her shower turned out so I had to share!  There isn’t a lot of ideas especially for a baby showers with kids attending, so I wanted to share some of the fun stuff we did.  It really was so fun.

Flavored Coke and her favorite cookies from Thirst seemed necessary.

I have really grown to love Paperless Post for doing my invitations!!  It’s fancier than facebook and just as simple and makes inviting and organizing a party just too easy.  You can create all sorts of fun custom invitations, manage guest lists, always send more if you need to, add links to registries and there’s even a wall for communication back and forth between everyone attending.  They’re fantastic.

My 2 girlies were so excited to be involved.  They really wanted to be a part of Lyndi’s shower so I figured it might be fun to just have them come and do a few activities that catered to them!  We also invited a few friends with big girls so it turned out really fun and so sweet to have them all there!  I think showing our girls at such a young age that become a mother has some very special perks to it is so important, and I think they all had a good time feeling like big girls.

I created little worksheets for them to fill out for Lyndi to add to her book.  I love starting a smash book for new Mama’s to have for their new babes!!  It’s such an easy way to keep memories and perfect for adding notes, polaroids and other souvenirs from their young lives.  I have one for each of my children and I love watching the pages fill with treasures.

After filling out our advice cards, we moved on to painting birth affirmations.  I used this tutorial from my blog to make gold foil prints that could be painted over!  The watercolor doesn’t stick to the foil and allows it to shine through.

After painting we moved on to presents.  My favorite.

So I have to tell you about this blanket.  I actually laid out the design and sent it to spoonflower to have it custom printed (it’s not as expensive as it sounds) and then just sewed down the lines to quilt it!  It was THE EASIEST quilt I’ve ever made because I hate piecing quilts and I especially hate trying to get triangle points to line up perfectly!!  Like 1 hour of work vs 10 hours.  It turned out so SO soft and I just can’t wait to wrap a baby in it!! (Did you know you can get ULTRA minky now?  It’s not just minky soft, it’s ultra-minky-soft. MmmmmmMmm).

I didn’t want Bob to feel left out and my earliest memories of Bob were hanging out with him in his fully decked out Ninja Turtles room sooooo…. A ninja turtle blanket had to happen too.  It was the surprise center to their mickey mouse diaper cake!

I loved this shower.  It was small, intimate, our girlies were involved (but not too much, we headed out to dinner after as Mamas) and I think Lyndi had a good time.  I cannot wait for this sweet baby to get here so I can just snuggle and love him as much as I love his parents!!

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