We love ponies in this house.  Even though she did a pony party last year, she wanted to go for it again this year.  It was either that or Rescue Bots, and she still chose ponies (it was a tough choice though…she LOVES Rescue Bots).  She is turning into such a little girl and has been so much fun.  I\’m really enjoying this age with her and I love watching her learn and grow so much.  I think this will be her last year home with me full time and as much as I look forward to it I think I will be sad to see her in school!


She could not leave her new ponies alone!!  I had to put them back over and over again as she would sneak over and play with them!



The water balloons wouldn’t break on the cement!!  It was hilarious!



New Rainbow Dash hat!!



Love rainbow cake.  Totally worth it!






This is totally Paisley in her natural environment!  She loves her chickens and loves playing outside in the dirt.  They are all her babies

This picture is like a little Jon.  She looks so much like him with her neck getting longer!