Today I want to post about birth.

Yes, I am still talking about it-and I am so sorry to those of you that listen to me talk about it, I am a little obsessed, I know.

Initially I wanted to rant.  You don’t need that.  Then I wanted to site a bunch of articles.  You can do that too.  Today I just want to paint a picture.

Often in the early hours of the morning I get called out of my warm bed to go on a birth.  I arrive to peoples homes and I\’m immediately greeted with the calming spirit that is there, the active spirit of hard work being accomplished and the anticipation and smell of new baby in the air.  It is a very powerful atmosphere to enter.

I witness new Dads and loving Mothers support their wives and daughters as they work through this amazing spectacle.  I make beds, fetch warm compresses and chart notes.  I hold hands to help center and align women as they radiate the power and energy pulsing through their bodies.

I assist in safeguarding miracles.  It is an incredible work-this whole process of baby-having.  It demands respect and understanding and we\’ve lost that in our country.

I hear so many remarks Oh, but there wouldn’t be peace at my house, just screaming. Oh, my husband is grossed out by all that, he couldn’t help.  I see something completely different so often now that my sense of normal has changed.

I watch as I paint this picture for women-many get a far away look just for a moment and then the fear sets back in and they make a sarcastic remark about needing an epidural, screaming and pain.  Why have we ruined birth?

It is possible.  It is painful.  It is incredible, spiritual and rewarding.  I requires preparation, study, meditation and work.  You need support-but that support team benefits so much from it!

I want to change our attitude towards birth.  I want a new generation of empowered women that believe they can do it and want to.

Because I\’ve seen it.  I want everyone else to see it too.