I daydream often of having a fully organized house…that stays that way.  It seems every time I finish cleaning out and organizing my closets and storage space that its just time to start over again.  Oddly enough this problem has always been there-even when the only storage was under my bed and in half a closet.  Really it’s the blessing of having stuff I suppose.  Over the years a few things have really come together as NECESSARY to keep the madness at a minimum, so I thought I\’d blog about a few of those.



Meeting with myself on Monday mornings or Sunday evenings has been necessary since I can remember.  Owning this darling Erin Condren Life Planner (I totally get commission if you want to get one, but seriously-I\’d be talking about this non-stop even if I didn’t) has really made life planning easy.  I map out my week, decided when I\’m working out/where, what’s for dinner each night and write a shopping list to go with it, which clients need editing/meeting/photoshoots, births and due dates, make week goals, etc.  It keeps my life all put together and since having all of that in one place I HAVE BEEN ONE HAPPY GIRL.  I even paperclip the reading calendar in it from school so all the homework gets done and signed off!



Previous to hanging up my jewelry all of my earrings lived in my retainer case.  Both of my ears piercings have healed up in my lifetime due to not wearing earrings!  Why own them and bother having holes in your ears if you’re not going to use them?  I finally snapped and had to hang it all up-it’s been so nice.  I find that I enjoy my jewelry more AND it gets worn more often!  Making this board was SUPER easy.  I purchased a cork boardwidth=1, thumbtacks and a thumbtacks holder (to hold the backs of the earrings), and command hookswidth=1 to hang my necklaces.  Had I thought about it more I would have mapped the entire thing out with tape first and evenly spaced things BUT I sure didn’t do that.  Using a thumbtack to poke the holes for the earrings helped protect them as well.  I\’ve loved having my jewelry up on the wall!



This has been a really nice way to keep track of our goals as a couple in a place we can both see it.  I\’m able to track and write my personal and business goals in my planner, but here we’re able to look at our goals as a couple.  It hangs right where you can easily see it while sitting in our bathroom and I couldn’t think of a better place for it!  If you look closely, we only take it sort-of seriously…but enough that we’re aligned in what we’re trying to accomplish around here.



Moving my make-up out of my bag and off of my counter has been a huge time and money saver for me.  I am so extra proud because I didn’t do anything to fix up this drawer before taking this picture-it just looks like this.  I moved all of my random make-up (eyelash adhesive, photo-matte finish, blue eyeshadow, ALL the different shades of red lipstick) into a tupperware drawer set and and I store that under my sink and I keep all of my daily make-up in my drawer (this one is similiarwidth=1).  That way I\’m not searching for things I use daily, and my make-up doesn’t get broken and smooshed at the bottom of a cosmetics bag!  My brush set rolls up nicely and fits in the second drawer next to the blow dryer and straightener and Jon even gets the third drawer for his stuff!  I have loved this little life hack for me.



This little OCD stems from years of working retail.  Once you\’ve switched to this system you will never go back.  It is amazing.  I can locate all of my clothes VERY quickly and I know immediately if a shirt isn’t in my closet.  It saves me quite a bit of time.  I\’ve had a few notice and say they could never keep up on it but really after the initial organization…you don’t really have to!  The clothes that are missing will have empty hangers in their spots so as you hang them you simply put them back where they belong.  My sweet husband tried to do laundry once and just hung up my clothes…I had a small come-apart.

Many of these things are probably normal and I\’m just patting myself of the back for doing a completely average job…but they\’ve helped me tons in keeping my house and life on track and saving me time in the long run.  I would LOVE to hear of more tips you might have to share-add them to the comments and let me know what organizational thing you can’t live without!