It’s about that time of year when we love to leave treats on our neighbor’s doorstep and run away…the best part being that my girls want to do this again at Christmas and I have to explain that we take Christmas treats so we can stop and say hi to our neighbors, not try to spook them.  After making some yummy cookies, I sat down this morning to create a boo sign and letter and then realized that I am SUPER lazy and why not just see what’s already available out there??  Be smart and tap into my resources, right?  Resources are readily available so I thought I\’d post a list of my favorites:

#1.  This one has lived on my pinterest board since I created it.  I think the monster is darling and I love all of the color.

YOU\'VEYou can find it here at the TomKat Studio.

#2.  This one has my favorite poem:



You can find it here at Texas Monkey.

#3.  The poem on this one is also darling!  And the ghost reminds me of the print-out we used when I was growing up.

YOU\'VEYou can find it here at Silverbox Creative.

#4.  Love the spider!  And all the color!


You can find it here on grey square design.

#5.  I love the fun design with this one!  And it’s really simple and cute.


 Can be found here at the 733blog.

#6.  Simple and cute.


 Find it here at Simply Real Moms.

#7.  Isn’t this witch darling??


Can be found here on MyCreativeOutlet.

#8.  This one is changing it up to We\’ve been spooked.  And I love the door hanger with ribbon…


You can find it here on tatertots and jello.

#9.  Witch shoes.  With stripe socks.  Favorite.

YOU\'VECan be found here at Craft Warehouse & Glitz Design.

#10.  And last, but not least, this cutie.  The fact that it all prints on one sheet, is a door hanger AND a gift tag really makes this one the favorite for me!!


 You can find this here on Live Craft Love.

What fun things are you up to at your house for Halloween?