Everyone has been asking me the same questions so I thought I would answer them here. This pregnancy has been incredibly difficult so far and I understand the inquiries.

Are you all better now?

This is a difficult question because the answer is relative. Yes I am doing much better than I was before but no I\’m certainly not better or myself. I am constantly driving myself crazy because I\’m not able to keep up with my usual lifestyle. The zofran is doing a much better job of controlling my nausea but I still have to rest quite a bit more than I like, I\’m not able to do everything that I would like to, and I look forward to being 100% healthy. I\’m also still very reliant on Zofran to keep me alive. Full recovery probably will not happen until after I deliver.

That’s just pregnancy for me-always a little headache, always a little nauseous.  Many foods still don’t taste right.  I can’t eat many of the things I usually love, and I crave things I normally wouldn’t eat.  I\’m still re-developing hunger.  I\’ve got killer insomnia.  Showering still wears me out.  It’s frustrating.

It has been wonderful to be able to eat and keep most food down, to be able to poop, to be able to shower, and to not have to be hooked up to an IV pole most of the day. These are many simple things in life that I took for granted and I find myself grateful for them everyday. I have also loved being able to spend more time with my children and leave the house with them! So yes I am better, but no I am not all better.


Do you still have the PICC line?

NO!!  YAAAYYYY!!  The PICC line was such an amazing blessing…but I\’m so glad it’s out!  It itched, it made showering (which was already difficult) MORE difficult, it caused me some anxiety (having a central line is a little scary), and it ached.  But it saved my life…so I can only hate it so much.

Were you this sick with your other pregnancies?

Yes and no.  I was this sick, but I\’ve never been this weak.  And I feel like I responded better to the medication with my first two.  The reality is that left untreated, I can’t keep anything down, including water and I slowly dehydrate to organ failure, and that has been true for all three pregnancies.  I didn’t get real treatment until I was 14ish weeks with Paisley and I was in rough shape…but I was also 8 years younger than I am now and I think I could just hack it a little better (and I had no other children to care for too so I tried to just sleep as much as possible.  If you’re sleeping, you’re not barfing).  Stella I received treatment much faster and the zofran worked immediately and did a good job keeping some food in me.  This one I had treatment right away…I just had to keep moving to something stronger and I was SO WEAK.  I had a hard time sitting up or standing and just had to lie down through most of it to kind of survive.


That’s the reality of HG-many moms have a horrible first pregnancy and then their subsequent pregnancies aren’t as bad.  Some are worse depending on the gender.  And then there’s my group-the ones that get worse with each pregnancy.

Are you going to have more kids?

No.  Deciding to have this one was very difficult and took us quite awhile to do.  I\’m definitely suffering with some PTSD, especially this time and I just don’t think I can willingly sign up to do this again.  That husband of mine isn’t too willing to sign up for it either.


Are you so excited it’s a boy??!

Yes.  As I laid in the ER with Mr Davis holding my hand we decided very early that this was 100% our last baby.  Finding out that we are going to get to experience a boy was a sweet cherry on top, because I love the idea of getting to have both genders.  We love our girls, and would have been SOO happy with a girl, but we can’t wait to have a son.  Really, we just want healthy!

Are you planning a homebirth?

Health pending.  Being able to seamlessly go back into Katie’s practice was SUCH A BLESSING because she was able to escalate me easily into IV therapy and home healthcare and I am just so grateful she’s been able to see me through so far.  I am hoping to transfer back into Cyndi’s care as I continue to get healthier…so really we\’ll just see.  Right now the plan is home, but I\’ve got to keep my iron up (a struggle for me while pregnant) and be sure that nothing else pops up.  Please bless.  I have to be really realistic about my situation when it comes to pregnancy for me and staying open minded is key.

Are you ever going to return my tupperware?

Nope.  I was in a serious haze through the last 3 months and truth-be-told…I\’m not completely sure who’s dishes are who’s.  Of one thing I am sure-we have the most amazing friends, neighbors, fellow ward members and family in the world.  Thank you to everyone that has fed us, watched our babes, showed us love and support and kept our family intact and cared for through all of this.  I have never experienced such an outpouring of love…and for that we are so grateful.  It is because of all of the hands-on support we\’ve received that I\’ve survived to this point.  Myself, this new critter I\’m cooking and Mr Davis thank you all so much. ♥


  1. I love you and would give all the Tupperware in the world:) thank you for fighting such a fight to bring such a dear and treasured one into this world. No doubt his destiny is great. You are a warrior my sister!

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