If you’re looking for a family of Oreo Connoisseurs, look no further.  Since I have know Mr Davis he has been a lover of Oreos.  When we were first married I would judgily stare at him at night as he would gobble down a sleeve of Oreos while I stayed on my diet.  Ew.  Anyway, over the years we have enjoyed several of the new flavors, been surprised by others and hated a few too.  I knew we loved oreos, but it wasn’t until my sister came over and commented on how many flavors we’re currently stocking (cookie butter, pumpkin, apple pie, pb+j) that I realized we can easily call ourselves authorities on the subject.  The mystery oreos had us stumped (trix?  fruity pebbles?) until my sister also commented on their smell.  Target Bathroom.  So Oreo, that’s the guess from the Davis Family.  You’re mystery oreos smell (and taste!) like a Target Bathroom!!

But beyond the Target Bathroom Oreos, we\’ve found a few more favorites and I thought it would be fun to pull Mr Davis in to talk about them.  You\’ll have to let us know if you have a favorite too!

1. Hot Cocoa Oreos


Me:  I would have to say the hot cocoa oreos are the new family favorite.  I love them, our kids love them and they really do taste like you dipped an oreo cookie into hot cocoa!  Some of their descriptions were cracking me up: Sip your hot cocoa while you dunk your hot cocoa. Oreo that is and When the weather outside is frightful, this new Oreo flavor is going to be downright delightful.

Mr Davis:  I\’m not a huge fan of hot cocoa as it is (maybe I burned my tongue too many times as a kid), but these are good – you got the balance of chocolate softly held in the arms of marshmallow in bite sized mug.  I give them 2 out 3 sleeves.

2. Waffles + Syrup Oreos


Me:  I thought the waffles and syrup oreos were super sweet, almost too sweet.  The flavor is on, but a little artificial for my taste.

Mr Davis:  I don’t even remember when I tried these, I know I ate them and probably a lot of them because I\’m not a quitter and I commit when I\’m cracking open a bag of Oreos (thus my unit of measurement being SLEEVES not individual cookies) but I can’t fire enough neurons to recall any specific details about these.  Not bad, but not good enough to justify being a featured flavor. I give them 1 out 3 sleeves.

3.  Pumpkin Spice Oreos


Me:  So, we actually have a box of the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Jo-Jo’s as well and I have to say I like them better.  The Pumpkin Spice Oreos definitely have a stronger pumpkin flavor, but I like the cookie of the Jo-Jo’s more.

Mr Davis:  [Shakes head] I\’ve never really jumped on board with the cliche fall themes – the yoga pants, Ugg boots and fleece sweaters, they are comfortable, but they just give me more attention from the ladies then I\’m comfortable receiving – HOWEVER what I can say is these are exactly what you’re expecting, and they nail it.  I give them 2 out of 3 sleeves.

4. Apple Pie + Blueberry Pie


Me:  I love all pie, and I love all pie oreos!  The Blueberry Pie and Apple Pie Oreos are both pretty spot-on for flavor, but I think Apple Pie wins for being the closest.  They are both very, very yummy!  I have big plans to crush them and use them for cheesecake crust.

Mr Davis:  I have to say the Blueberry Pie is something else – the people in the white lab coats in Oreo’s labs were all on time to work that day because these taste like Blueberrie Pie – like the crust, the filling – it’s all there and it’s right.  I give them 2.5 out of 3 sleeves.  I like apple pie, like a lot – and these are good.  I think the lab techs may have left early that day because they’re not as locked on as the Blueberry Pie, but they’re good – so I give them a 2 out 3 sleeves.

5. Jelly Donut Oreos


Me:  The Jelly Donut Oreos are just ok.  They taste very artificial and the filling just kind of tastes like sugar.

Mr Davis:  I have to concede with April – you can tell I don’t turn away a lot of baked goods, but I couldn’t really get into these – the flavor was just flat, like sweet but one dimensional.  I give it 1 out 3 sleeves.

6. PB + J Oreos


Me:  I think these PB+J Oreos taste pretty spot on…but I don’t really like them.  Oreo has nailed the peanut butter filling, and the jelly really does taste like grape jelly (and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!) BUT these are just not my jam (see what I did there).

Mr Davis:  Nabisco knows how to get the peanut butter flavor spot on (#nutterbutter) and the jelly is not bad – the only thing that throws me off is you expect a more familiar texture with the flavor and it’s just not there, not bad, but it threw me off.  I know I know .. you can’t be expecting your mom’s peanut butter sandwich – tenderly squished into the space between the corner of your lunch box and the apple she keeps putting in there hoping you\’ll eat it, but it just fell short for me – 1.5 out of 3 sleeves.

7.  Firework Oreos


Me:  I know 4th of July has come and gone but if you missed out on these Firework Oreos, they were worth it, especially if you have kids.  I don’t necessarily love them because of the flavor but the popping candy is just fun and your kids will love them.  I think our kids ate the majority of these!

Mr Davis:  Now I\’m a fan of novelty – give me a cat shaped cookie jar or ocean themed bars of soap and I\’m all in.  Like those hard to hang on to soaps, the cookies will make you smile but the flavor is elusive.  The popping candy is super fun and that alone makes it worth getting these, but don’t expect your taste buds to salute these Oreos.  I give them 2 out 3 sleeves.

8. Reese’s Peanut Butter Oreos VS. Peanut Butter Oreos


Me:  I\’m going to go ahead and let Mr Davis weigh in on the Reese Peanut Butter Cup Oreos VS. Peanut Butter Oreos.  This is his place of expertise.

Mr Davis: So, Reese’s knows peanut butter.  (LPT put those mini cups in the freezer before eating for a special experience) BUT as an Oreo they do pretty good.  I feel like they carry their own without diluting the purity of Reese’s heritage.  They’re good and I give them 2.5 out of 3 sleeves.  Now the standard peanut Butter Oreo .. This. Is the pinnacle of Oreo perfection – the traditional mating of chocolate and peanut butter are as fundamental to the taste buds as salt and pepper – and Oreo nails it.  I give it 3 out 3 sleeves.

9.  Milka Oreo Bar


Me:  We had to try one of these Milka Oreo Bars because if I\’m going to eat milk chocolate, I like it to be Milka (it’s German so naturally it’s amazing).  This bar is just too much.  We couldn’t get through it, even the kids couldn’t handle it’s density.  The milka alone is such a rich milk chocolate that adding the oreo creamy filling was just over the top and toooooo much goodness.  Delicious but way, way too rich and sweet!

Mr Davis:  These are good – maybe too good.  I\’m a big fan a German chocolate anyway – so I kinda feel like this is cheating.  It’s like putting a pro athlete in a little league game.  2.5 out of 3 sleeves.

10.  Cookie Butter Oreos


Me:  I think these Cookie Butter Oreos have my vote for favorite.  They’re right up there with the Hot Cocoa ones.  I really like the graham cracker cookies and the cookie butter filling tastes exactly right.

Mr Davis:  I can’t decide what’s going on – I\’m not even sure what Cookie butter is even supposed to taste like – it tastes suspiciously just like peanut butter.  These cookies have a flavor Inception going on here – I mean a cookie filled with cookies.  However they do taste good – the flavor is familiar and pleasant 2 out of 3 sleeves.

Don’t worry, we still love the plain old Oreos too!  Do you have a favorite Oreo??


  1. Every Oreo that we have tasted, we say “Hmm, that’s good” (except the “mystery” fruity pebbles or fruit loops- those were just overly sweet and gross). But nothing is ever as good as a straight up double stuffed dipped in milk. Oreo gets points for creativity on trying new things, but you just can’t beat the original! (PS- thin mint Oreos make an awesome snack for a road trip)

  2. My favorite I think is the watermelon Oreo followed by cookie butter the the salted Carmel thins. The ones I hated were the Swedish fish and the mystery flavors.
    Nathan’s is the old stand by mint.
    Noah’s is the Carmel Apple. Never tried the blue berry (sad face). The love of Oreos must run in the family cause we eat them like we may never see one again!

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