I love dark chocolate, specifically Ritter Sport.

I’m obsessed with my husband.  And our babes.

Blogging is something that became really important to me after the birth of my children.  I really wanted to document my life and all of its happenings.  I also have often found comfort, humor, moral support, guidance, information and so much more that has enriched my life from other people’s blogs and I hope to do the same for others.

I love red lipstick, dainty jewelry and anything mid-century modern.

We proudly come from Idaho.

Birth is really important to me.  My first introduction to the idea of un-medicated childbirth was during the beginnings of my emergency medical training and every since that small seed was planted it has grown.  My highest priority is that women have options, educate themselves on what those options are and ultimately are supported in what they want to do.  You can see the long story here.

This Birth Disclaimer is a comprehensive of my birth philosophies and feelings.

I\’m a retired birth assistant to a Certified Nurse Midwife and I’m also a retired doula. This is a great post about how I used to roll. 

These days I\’ve taken all of my vagina expertise and rolled it into The Vagina Blog. Come hang with us, we have a good time over there.

You can read about the births of my babes herehere and here.  I feel well-rounded because I’ve had one babe with and OB/epidural, one babe with a CNM/un-medicated in hospital and one babe at home with a CNM.

My glasses really are prescription.

For me, photography all began at a Snow Shack.  I always knew I loved to take pictures, but that truly cemented the love and artistry that is composition.  In college I started taking video & production classes, which led to editing, film photography, digital photography and design classes.  I feel so privileged to share in the great joy that comes to people as they’re getting married, giving birth or holding their family close.

I heart food.  Good food.

One day I will write a book, own a house next to the ocean and have a masters degree.

In the meantime I am so happy doing all that I’m doing.